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Lifestyle Evaluation and Coaching

Exercise, stress, sleeping habits, environmental toxins, relationships and spiritual health all have dramatic impacts on your health.  But, one recommendation does not fit all.  It's important to take your current health, goals and abilities into account when discussing appropriate exercise routines.  Stress elimination and management is easier said than done. We all know we need more sleep, but actually getting enough seems impossible. Reducing environmental toxins can be overwhelming. We too often take relational and spiritual health for granted and don't recognize their impact on our health.

I will start with a current lifestyle assessment. Included in this assessment are extensive symptoms and signs checklists, so that we will gain a thorough understanding of your needs. I will strive to make practical and sustainable recommendations to improve lifestyle factors affecting your health. I will empower you with knowledge in order to make healthier choices based on your body's needs.  I will listen to your past failures and difficulties and make a plan to make achieving your goals not only reachable, but fun.  Together, we can make a plan to revive your whole family's health.

My Hormone Consultant Plan includes 6 one-hour sessions for $520, or $110 per session if you pay-as-you-go.

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