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My Approach to Health


Offering You

  • Hope with answers

  • Empowerment in education

  • Control of your own healthcare

  • Freedom in your fertility

I believe women were made whole.  I believe we know our bodies best.  I believe our fertility is a gift to be understood, not to be subdued.  I also believe in modern, evidence-based medicine, if used in the right way. Using these tools, I strive to teach women how to listen to their bodies and to understand diagnostic test results.  This knowledge passed to you will give you hope in finding the underlying causes of disorders like hormonal imbalance, painful periods, irregular cycles, cyclical anxiety, PMS, infertility, and recurring miscarriages. This knowledge will then empower you to take control of your own healthcare and to achieve freedom in your fertility.


I specialize in finding the underlying causes of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and other hormonal imbalances.  I take pride and joy in assisting women to achieve health through implementing lifestyle changes, dietary modification, supplements, and holistic remedies.  If needed, I will work with your physician in order to get the necessary diagnostic tests ordered, and to keep medications at a minimum.  I will work with your cycle, not against it, in order to revive your optimal hormonal health.

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