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Cycle Awareness for Health

The Cycle Awareness program is for any age woman from pre-teen through menopause.  If you have a hormone imbalance, irregular cycles, painful periods, PMS, have been diagnosed with PCOS or struggle with recurring miscarriages or infertility, the Creighton Model System and Individualized Hormone Consultations will benefit you!


A woman's menstrual cycle is known as "The Fifth Vital Sign".  It is as important, and even more telling than your pulse, temperature, or blood pressure!  The menstrual cycle is affected by progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, thyroid hormones, pituitary hormones, and adrenal hormones.  There are biomarkers held within the cycle that can point to any of these hormonal abnormalities, as well as gut, thyroid, liver, ovarian, and adrenal health.  Understanding your cycle will lead to an understanding of the underlying cause of your hormonal problems. Modification to your diet, habits, and routines with natural remedies and lifestyle changes can revive your optimal health.

The first step is to learn the Creighton Model System of Fertility Awareness in order to watch for biomarkers within your chart.  Then, I will evaluate your health through a thorough history, extensive signs and symptoms checklists, and a nutritional assessment. This evaluation, combined with your personal goals and needs will lead to an individualized health plan. The next phase will consist of dietary changes, supplements and lifestyle management, all of which I will coach you through personally. The Combined Creighton Instruction and Hormonal Consultation Plan includes 13 sessions over 1 year and is $1250 (or $110 per session if not purchasing a plan). If you are already using Creighton, FEMM or NEO charting systems, my Health Coaching Plan includes 6 one-hour sessions over 5 months, for $520 (or $110 per session). 

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