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Fertility and Pregnancy Care

Are you struggling with infertility?  First, I'm so very sorry... I have been there myself. Infertility strikes the heart of who we were created to be as women and men.  It is not just a medical problem, but an emotional and relational one as well.  My goal while striving to help you to find the underlying cause of your infertility is to support you with compassion and practical support.   

My Hormone Consultant sessions start with teaching the Creighton Model System of Fertility Awareness so that I can help you identify biomarkers pointing toward underlying conditions. The next step in the process includes extensive signs and symptoms evaluations, and nutritional and lifestyle assessments.  Finally, once problem areas are identified, the next phase consists of specific dietary plans, lifestyle management, environmental toxin elimination, supplement recommendations, and natural remedies.  If further testing or prescriptions are necessary, I will work with your physician in order to obtain the correct labs and bio-identical hormonal treatments in order to enhance your natural system instead of ignoring it. 

When a couple who has struggled with infertility does become pregnant, that pregnancy can be full of both excitement and anxiety.  I will continue to assist you through this time as well so that the appropriate supplements, diet, and lifestyle modifications can be continued until delivery.  


The Fertility Hormone Consultation with Creighton Instruction Plan includes 13 ninety minute sessions over 1 year and is $1250 (or $110 per session if not purchasing the plan). If you are already using Creighton, FEMM, or NEO charting systems, the Fertility Hormone Consultation Plan includes 13 one-hour sessions over 1 year, for $1125 (or $110 per session). If sessions are halted due to pregnancy, or any other cause, they may be restarted post-partum, or once you are ready.

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